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Shalzee's Hodgepodge -- A World of Possibilities!
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Welcome to my hodgepodge! Here, you can learn all about me and visit some other sites of interest. As a writer, I am on a constant search for ideas. If you enjoy writing, or just exploring, there are some fascinating links. You can also visit the message board, where you can post stories, poetry, comments, or critiques.

So join in the fun! Laugh, explore, have a great time. That's what life is all about, right?

What's New?

I've posted a new story in "My Works."  Go in and check it out, and let me know what you think!  And now the tip of the day...or week...or whatever...
Tip #3:  Getting ideas for stories can be difficult.  Here are a few great ways of getting them.  Eavesdropping is a great tool.  There are stories all around if you just listen for them.  Also, newspapers give out interesting little (or big) tidbits that can give ideas--even pictures may spark something.  There's also a little book called "The Writer's Block" which is great in any situation.  Most important of all, THINK!  And when you can't think anymore, think harder and harder and harder until -POP!- there it is!  Good luck!

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